What is Social Media Marketing?

How social media changed the online marketing landscape?

In the digital world, social media has the same over arching effects that the television ushered into homes 86 years ago when Charles Jenkins broadcasted the very first TV commercial. Both cases represent a bumpy start with early adopters seeing further down the line and technophobes rooting even further into the past.

Today , the biggest questions circling social media marketing are related to judging engagement value and channel management. The latter being, if we have campaigns running on Google as a B2B operation , is Facebook going to deliver the audience I need to drive conversions? What about Pinterest?

The inquiry shouldn’t be a derivative of, if the shoe fits, but rather, what shoes do we need to traverse this path? Why? Because there is a massive amount of people gathering around a set [laptop, mobile device, smart tvs] to check in, be it after lunch or at the close of the day, more eyes are on social media — which does include mobile apps — for the most basic ‘community board’ check-ins and pure entertainment.

Beyond reverse and push marketing, advertising natively on social media allows us to build audiences for pull marketing, improving SEO, data mining consumer segments , and expanding channels to grow sales. Standing by, waiting to make an investment in social media, is like walking around a buffet table without a plate.

How It Works

1. Custom-Tailored Solutions

By listening to your needs we can develop a game plan that is as unique as your challenges.

2. Campaign Review

We always like to diagnose your current efforts to find strengths and weaknesses.

3. Digital Marketing Solutions Package

Proposal presentation detailing tools, strategic opportunities, and campaign restructuring.

4. SOW Review

Allocation of resources and timelines for deliverables.

5. Strategy Deep-Dive

We like to open new accounts with an intensive jump start.

6. Growth Trajectory

Channel management optimized for performance.

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Under promised and over delivered

I truly want to thank your company for the tremendous gains you’ve made in our SEM efforts. I must admit that I was skeptical at the onset. Your team made predictions that ended up being under promised and over delivered. My experience is usually the opposite. Early on you guys initiated a 90% change in focus to mobile and you were dead on.

As a matter of fact, everything you guys said would come true, did. You guys grew our PPC leads by an unheard of number of 172% & dropped our CPL by 55%. If I didn’t live through it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. We were paying $40.00 per lead and to be quite honest, I didn’t think our ROI was positive.

Although you made us promise to give you 90 days to see an impact, we noticed a positive trend in just 30. In the past I was extremely disappointed in SEM advertising. I didn’t think we could ever get traction. I was missing the old days of radio and TV. I now feel we are on the cutting edge of the market and I look forward to our results each month.

Abe Weinzimer - Founder

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