What is Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine optimization has gone through its ‘shifting-sands’ moment, with updates literally turning all the rules of the game upside down.

Having landed on two-feet, what do we practice now for best results in SEO? Underneath the UI/UX of your site, there are all sorts of details we can bring to the attention of Google crawlers. The more complete, concise, and targeted these details appear, the quicker we see improvements in KPIs.

You spend months developing features you think will help your audience while also, accelerating your inbound marketing efforts. Awesome! But do you have the traffic needed to make a dent? Keeping an eye on traffic growth and regularly adjusting trajectory is more important than months or years of pre-launch work that may turn into a huge flop.

How It Works

1. Custom-Tailored Solutions

By listening to your needs we can develop a game plan that is as unique as your challenges.

2. Campaign Review

We always like to diagnose your current efforts to find strengths and weaknesses.

3. Digital Marketing Solutions Package

Proposal presentation detailing tools, strategic opportunities, and campaign restructuring.

4. SOW Review

Allocation of resources and timelines for deliverables.

5. Strategy Deep-Dive

We like to open new accounts with an intensive jump start.

6. Growth Trajectory

Channel management optimized for performance.

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