What is Search Engine Marketing?


SEM did something that no one ever gives any credit or respect for, which is, it made ads useful instead of annoying. As trends created massive benefits for local, national, and international brands, the programmatic marketplace for purchasing placement went from being a kids playground to D1 March Madness.

When it comes to search marketing, we are no longer buying ad space and creating ad copy – we are now creating solutions for shortcuts connecting desire and satisfaction. The usefulness of search marketing ads comes directly from the consumer’s intent in satisfying their desire; through inquiry we are able to spot such opportunities in hopes of providing the best possible experience.

Is search marketing about managing text ads? We wish! As simple (sometimes ugly) of a platform search engines can be, they present complexity within the consumer journey. People use search engines throughout the different stages of consumer life cycles and are now heavily into researching brands and products before entering the purchasing decision stage. Striking balance by managing timing and opportunities is key to search channel profitability.

How It Works

1. Custom-Tailored Solutions

By listening to your needs we can develop a game plan that is as unique as your challenges.

2. Campaign Review

We always like to diagnose your current efforts to find strengths and weaknesses.

3. Digital Marketing Solutions Package

Proposal presentation detailing tools, strategic opportunities, and campaign restructuring.

4. SOW Review

Allocation of resources and timelines for deliverables.

5. Strategy Deep-Dive

We like to open new accounts with an intensive jump start.

6. Growth Trajectory

Channel management optimized for performance.

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Couldn't be happier with their insights

When we need help or have questions, the Pure Digital team is there to help and then take it a step further! Since starting to work with them, we’ve seen a decrease in spend with an increase on our ROI and couldn’t be happier with their insights and efforts into all of our campaigns; whether it’s SEM related or not.

Tom Hand - President

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