What is Display Advertising?


The oldest and most successful form of advertising has always been display advertising. If you wanted to get someone to notice your product, service, or brand, you’d rent a billboard or a section of a magazine/newspaper.

Online display advertising works much in the same way – you want people to see your product or service, so you put that product or service in front of their eyes. The beauty of display advertising is that the medium is not only limited to still images, but can also include animations, videos, and other rich media.

Display advertising provide us with information & statistics we use to better target the right potential customers, making sure that what you’re offering gets seen by the right eyes. Contextual Advertising Technology scans page context on websites within Google’s Display Network & Facebook’s Exchange to ensure that your ads are seen by eyes that are most likely interested in whatever it is that you’re selling.

The Pay-Per-Click model used by Display Advertising can be incredibly cost-efficient if executed properly. However, done wrong it can cost you a pretty penny.

How It Works

1. Custom-Tailored Solutions

By listening to your needs we can develop a game plan that is as unique as your challenges.

2. Campaign Review

We always like to diagnose your current efforts to find strengths and weaknesses.

3. Digital Marketing Solutions Package

Proposal presentation detailing tools, strategic opportunities, and campaign restructuring.

4. SOW Review

Allocation of resources and timelines for deliverables.

5. Strategy Deep-Dive

We like to open new accounts with an intensive jump start.

6. Growth Trajectory

Channel management optimized for performance.

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