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With over eight years in the industry, our client has come to understand more than just what products our customers want; they understand who their customers are. Ambitious entrepreneurs, time-efficient marketing coordinators, doe-eyed staffers.

Their company is made up of individuals of similar feathers, and as a result, they have built an intuitive, customer-centric shopping experience to make it easier for you to find the tools that present your company in its best light.

Increase in Rev
Increase in ROAS

The result-driven process


After years of success in the PPC channel, our client started experiencing what a lot of advertisers went through or are going through; an increase in CPC (cost per click).

In their industry, products can sell from $500 – $3,000, on average so the average order values are high so by default, the CPC standard in their industry started increasing YoY. In 2013 and 2014, when PPC was profitable, their CPCs were $7 on average. Lower in 2013, then increase in 2014.

Starting in Q4 of 2014 and the first couple month of 2015, CPC significantly increased to an average of $10. With a price increase of 30%, they basically lost their profit margin + more. After years of success, the channel was in the red with the change in CPCs.

The challenge was to make PPC a profitable, fruitful, growing channel for the business. PPC represents about 40-45% of the total revenue, so it was important for the organization to make it profitable and continue growing.

Shifted budget from poor performing times of day to more profitable times of day, making a more effective ad schedule. Made queries negative that spent an excessive amount of $ with no conversions over the course of 6-9 months.

Re-allocated budget based on region performance. Some states performed much better than the next. Broke out shopping campaigns by branded and non-branded.

Worked on applying dynamic ads to increase click through rate. Launched dynamic remarketing to increase CTR and revenue using a 3rd party remarketing vendor.

Implemented call tracking to optimize keywords both on leads and sales. Created specific ad copy for every theme that was being search which increased our CTR by 45%.

87% Increase in PPC revenue – Q1 2015 VS Q1 2016

52% increase in ROAS – Q1 2015 VS Q1 2016

22% Increase in Calls – Q1 2015 VS Q1 2016

20% Increase in CVR – Q1 2015 VS Q1 2016

Increase in PPC Revenue
Increase in PPC ROAS
Increase in PPC Calls
Increase in CVR
Increase in AVG Quality Score

Couldn't be happier with their insights

When we need help or have questions, the Pure Digital team is there to help and then take it a step further! Since starting to work with them, we’ve seen a decrease in spend with an increase on our ROI and couldn’t be happier with their insights and efforts into all of our campaigns; whether it’s SEM related or not.

Tom Hand - President

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