Pet Healthcare Case Study

This site is the leader for holistic pet products. They are dedicated to improving the health of your pets. Their team of veterinarians, naturopaths and doctors use time-tested holistic medical wisdom. Using all-natural ingredients from plants and herbs, we have developed safe yet effective treatments for over 120 common ailments.

This client put his trust in us since day 1. The owner knew we would work extremely hard to make sure that we are not only hitting the goals, but exceeding it. The SEM channel is their primary source of traffic and helped grow their business in the early stages 5-6 years ago, so passing this channel to us, held a lot of responsibility.

Revenue Growth
Cost Decrease

The result-driven process


Their main challenge was that they didn’t feel like they had a strong presence online and they weren’t getting all the opportunity out there, even though they were spending $100,000+.

Their main challenge was that, after seeing 2 years of consistent growth, they plateaued. They hit a road block for 8 months and couldn’t find opportunity to grow.

After that time period, they started to see performance drop, that’s when they started acquiring help from us. This channel drove more than 50% of their business, so it was extremely important for the business owner and his team to get the channel back to normal and growing.

Initially, in order to get the account more organized, we restructure it, which took a while because the account had over 50,000 converted keywords in it, but it was definitely worth it. Breaking out things like location, campaigns & ad groups by match types or even tier levels of performance are crucial for long term success.

We believe the more time you invest in creating a structure, the more money it will make you in the long run, so be patient in the beginning!

Here are a few changes we made right out of the gate:

• Shifted more money into Bing because the site sold to an older demographic.

• Paused keywords that were spending more than their CPA with 0 sales over the course of 6-9 months.

• Made queries negative that spent an excessive amount of $ with no conversions over the course of 6-9 months.

• Dropped bids on keywords that were not profitable, but converted, to make them profitable.

• Shifted budget from mobile to desktop because their mobile site wasn’t optimized, nor people were converting on it (older audience).

• Shifted budget from poor performing times of day to more profitable times of day, making a more effective ad schedule.

• Re-allocated budget based on region performance. Some states performed much better than the next.

• Broke out shopping campaigns by branded and non-branded.

• Started investing more into broad match types to capture longer tail keywords.

We took over their account in the beginning of November. By being our partner, they are generating 48% more revenue per month + paying 35% less to acquire a new customer on average.

When comparing YoY for Q1 2015 VS Q1 2016, we generated them 70% more revenue while paying 28% less to acquire a new customer.

Result highlights:

• Grew their PPC revenue to an all-time high in just 2.5 months.

• Grew search customer service calls by 57%.

• Grew Q1 2015 VS Q1 2016 revenue by 70%

Increase in Calls
Increase in Rev
Decrease in CPA
Increase in CTR
Increase in AVG Quality Score

They kick SEM butt

Our business goals have become Pure Digital’s business goals. It is a pleasure to work with a team who takes our success personally.

Everybody is always testing, learning and improving. The team is dedicated, hungry and young. Best PPC team we have worked with in over 15 years.

Darcy Foster - CEO

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