DCAP Insurance Case Study

DCAP Insurance, the #1 New York Car Insurance Company, joined the Pure Digital family the first month we launched our company, back in November of 2014. We met Abe, the CEO and co-founder of DCAP, years ago through a mutual friend, but only discussed business briefly.

We later reached out to him and offered to do a Free Audit on his campaigns. After a little hesitation, he agreed to move forward and granted us access.

Lead Increase
Decrease in CPL

The result-driven process


After presenting the audit to Abe, he was completely shocked with the results — not to mention concerned about the PPC campaigns he had running at the time. The campaigns another company was managing for him were just barely breaking even, and after such a long time of failure, he wanted to give up on digital marketing altogether.

He considered turning off Paid Search before jumping on the call with us, but after we asked him for a 6-month trial — promising to improve his current standings — he decided to give PPC one last chance.

DCAP Insurance collects leads on their website; someone fills out their name, email address, and phone number, and then a DCAP representative reaches out either via phone or via email drip campaign. Since the process of submitting a lead is very simple, we thought: “Why the hell isn’t this profitable?”

We made lots of changes, which we’ll jump into, but the biggest change we made was shifting 95% of their SEM budget over to mobile. We did this for a couple of reasons:

• We noticed from their previous campaigns that mobile was converting at half the cost of desktop. This might seem simple, but very easy to miss while optimizing campaigns.

• The DCAP mobile site had a simple lead form that takes up ALL the space. The user literally doesn’t have any other option.

• Desktop wasn’t profitable and the competition was CRAZY.

• Mobile CPCs were cheaper than desktop.

• Mobile had better CTR because there were less ads showing on mobile, and we had super locally targeted ads.

• Mobile had better conversion rates — north of 40%.

Other changes we made to see success:

• Restructured every campaign to focus on locations.

• Added extensions for mobile.

• Added super-aggressive mobile bid multipliers while decreasing the max CPCs (This increased mobile CPC’s while decreasing desktop CPCs).

• Added bid multipliers to specific locations.

• Added zip codes, boroughs, and cities to all campaigns to track and optimize on a super-focused geographical area.

The other problem DCAP had with their old structure was that the leads they were receiving weren’t getting evenly distributed across franchise locations. With the new structure of the campaigns, we were able to send an even amount of leads throughout all 45 locations in NY.

In conclusion, there have been many conversations within the industry about mobile. If you have the opportunity, adapt your campaigns to the shift from desktop to mobile. If you’re not planning on doing so, just know that you’re losing a lot of revenue.

Now, as you can tell by the chart, their numbers YoY were basically flat throughout August, dropping through the rest of the year.

We took over at a strange time, as a small dip in November & December are normal, due to seasonality shifts. We knew we’d have to be patient with the results. Yet, within 30 days of taking over their account, we dropped their CPL by 22% and grew their leads by 19%. But that was only a taste of what we had in store for them.

After the new year started, we were given a significantly lower budget compared to the previous month. Nevertheless, in February, we were back rockin’ and rollin’. After 3 months of being partners, we really started to see our efforts pay off.

Below, you’ll find the YoY lead percent increases:

February – 20%
March – 49%
April – 71%
May – 111%
June – 94%
July – 102%
August – 172%
September – 171%
October – 178%

Increase in Leads
Decrease in CPL
Increase in CTR
Increase in CVR
Increase in AVG Quality Score

Under promised and over delivered

I truly want to thank your company for the tremendous gains you’ve made in our SEM efforts. I must admit that I was skeptical at the onset. Your team made predictions that ended up being under promised and over delivered. My experience is usually the opposite. Early on you guys initiated a 90% change in focus to mobile and you were dead on.

As a matter of fact, everything you guys said would come true, did. You guys grew our PPC leads by an unheard of number of 172% & dropped our CPL by 55%. If I didn’t live through it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. We were paying $40.00 per lead and to be quite honest, I didn’t think our ROI was positive.

Although you made us promise to give you 90 days to see an impact, we noticed a positive trend in just 30. In the past I was extremely disappointed in SEM advertising. I didn’t think we could ever get traction. I was missing the old days of radio and TV. I now feel we are on the cutting edge of the market and I look forward to our results each month.

Abe Weinzimer - Founder

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