Bombas Socks Case Study

Bombas socks are purpose built for athletic performance and engineered for extreme comfort. Back in 2014, they receiving a deal on the ABC show Shark Tank from Daymond.

Before launching Bombas, they learned that socks were the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. That was all the spark we needed to create Bombas and get to work trying to solve this problem. One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated.

CTR Increase
Sales Increase

The result-driven process


Bombas joined the Pure Digital family in hopes of finding the right dedicated team to manage and expand their Search Marketing efforts.

Before joining, they had a dedicated Google rep who was managing their account. When Bombas was first featured on Shark Tank (September 30th – October 9th) they felt like their efforts weren’t aggressive enough

A few weeks before airing on Shark Tank for the second time (November 28th – November 30th) Bombas joined the Pure Digital Family, hoping to ensure a successful marketing strategy in preparation of the show.

• Restructured account
• Expanded non-branded keywords
• Developed a broad match strategy
• Revamped & developed a more efficient remarketing strategy.

When comparing both weekends of being aired on shark tank, we saw a 12% increase in Conversions and a 16% increase in Revenue. In addition to seeing an increase in performance in the first weekend, we also saw better performance when comparing the first 10 days after the airing of both shows.

We saw 37% growth in Conversions, 34% growth in Revenue and a 744% increase in CTR. It’s clear that we were keeping the momentum alive with our revised Branded/Non-Branded efforts, Remarketing Campaigns, and Display Campaigns.

Increase in PPC Revenue
Increase in CTR
Increase in Sales
Increase in CVR
Increase in AVG Quality Score

Not only incredibly responsive, but incredibly proactive

The Pure Digital Team have done a great job scaling spend AND improving ROI for Bombas. They’re not only incredibly responsive, but incredibly proactive. I’m already sending them referrals after just 2 months!

Kate Huyett - VP of Business Operations

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