Pure Digital is a global, data-driven digital marketing agency.

Pure Digital was founded with a vow to be different than other digital marketing companies, many of which take advantage of their clients, set unrealistic goals or fail to follow through on promises.

These companies don’t allocate the proper time or resources to show that they truly care about their clients or help them grow, hence the poor reputation of the digital marketing industry.

But at Pure Digital, we abide by the classic saying: “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Our strategies allow us to sell products and services to anyone around the world with an Internet connection.

We did not, however, get into this business solely to make money or capitalize on the most popular options.

Clients of Pure Digital create products or services that people need for the sake of their own-well-being, not just sources of convenience or pleasure.

We promote solutions for problems one cannot afford to have, solutions that have a lasting, unforgettable impact on customers and their loved ones.

Pure Digital strives to improve the happiness, health and security of the average person, so we only work with companies with the same goals.

In the health sector, for example, our clients include rehabilitation facilities for drug addiction, the makers of a renowned natural hair regrowth product, and a holistic pet treatment company that saves over 30,000 pets from illness every month.

Well-aware of the stress of owning a home, Pure Digital advertises for a solar energy company that has lowered electricity bills for thousands and a home warranty company that works with over 10,000 homeowners a month to make sure they get the best price for the best protection.

We also promote the most acclaimed providers of life and dental insurance as well as a small business loan provider that has helped thousands of companies stay open.

Our work has only begun, as there is no limit to the amount of people digital marketing has the potential to help.

This is why Pure Digital’s range of clients is increasing every day, largely thanks to the proven success of our diverse advertising strategies.

We will eventually be promoting enough products or services to eliminate virtually every sort of obstacle one might encounter in life and we look forward to promoting your products or services as well.

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The Team


Benjamin Arabov

CEO - Digital Strategist


At the age of 21, I consulted at Google to help develop a digital marketing educational app called Primer. At the age of 22, I started Pure Digital. In 2016, we generated over $100 million in revenue for our clients, after being in business just two years.

While growing my client’s businesses, Last year I had the pleasure of consulting at one of the most respected artificial intelligence firms in the world, Narrative Science, in developing a software that extracts content-driven insights from Google Analytics.


Stefan Ivanovski

Account Manager


Put simply, Stefan is an SEM and web analytics expert. For him, PPC is above all a matter of resolving the binary opposition of algorithms and humans – a postmodern phenomenon that will most likely define the future.

When away from his desk, Stefan prefers calculating the shortest distance between any two imaginary points (it’s usually at least one full circle). Recently, he calculated that he writes about himself in third person 3.52% of the time. Most of these writings are purely digital.


Michelle Greenberg

Account Manager


I’ve worked in a variety of fields, but the tech industry has been the most rewarding for my passions and interests.

At an accelerated pace I became Google Analytics certified as well as Google Adwords certified and now have been handling PPC and digital marketing services for over 3 years. I’ve managed multiple large corporations’ marketing budgets and spent them in an extremely effective manner to increase ROI’s and volume for them. I am passionate about this industry because it brings together numbers, marketing, and psychology. I love interacting with clients and am passionate about growing their business.


James Helder

Product Feed Specialist


I have a Masters in Applied Psychology where I focused on marketing and consumer behavior. After graduating, I immediately started working at an online ad agency, specifically in the pay-per-click department. I managed a wide variety of clients, but started to favor the ecommerce clients, especially with the launch of Google Shopping.

I devote most of my efforts in the Google Shopping and the CSE space where I optimize campaigns and datafeeds to improve performance.


Michal Dzieciolowski

Account Manager


Exposed to technology at a young age, I became fascinated with computers and how they facilitate human interaction. As I grew older I dove into the world of programming and even lightly into game design. As a programmer, I love being challenged by computing problems and working them out in a logical way.

SEM gives me the chance to analyze human behavior through trends, and a technical background gives me a detail-oriented analytic problem solving ability, which is a key component for success in digital marketing.


Marc Berolo

SEM Analyst


Marc Berolo is a graduate of the Master of Economics, Global Business, & Finance program from the Murray Koppelman School of Business at CUNY Brooklyn College. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, & Finance and a Bachelors in Marketing from CUNY Brooklyn College.

Marc Berolo started his first successful for-profit business when he was 16 years old and continued to use his entrepreneurial attitude to build businesses and increase his knowledge in analytics.


Valentin Kurdov

Account Manager


My character is built on international cultural diversity. I’ve studied, lived and worked in 3 different countries: UK, Bulgaria and the United States, which I believe has given me a higher perspective on social interaction. I also have a strong affinity towards technology and the way it has revolutionized communication.

At my previous agency I worked on their largest client, Anheuser-Busch, and got firsthand experience into the multi-billion dollar beer industry through the lens of SEM and media buying.


Ezequiel Gomez

Lead Mobile Application Developer


I see smartphones as the platform for providing people with useful tools for solving their problems and answering their questions. Coding is my passion – I have lead the development of multiple mobile application products for both internal use within our teams as well as public-facing applications for clients.

I develop iOS applications using Swift and constantly work in conjunction with web developers, helping them develop expand their platform into new mobile experiences.


Patrick Adams

Display Media Buyer


I’m a Google AdWords certified professional who has managed more than 250 Pay-Per-Click accounts on behalf of B2B and B2C businesses in a multitude of verticals.

I have managed the digital marketing and social media campaigns for non-profits that has translated into an increase in grants, donations, and sponsorships. I helped a company called Ajax, started in 2008, reach the Inc. 500 list in 4 years. With my experience i’m able to use my expertise to use the display channel for branding and performance based marketing.


Fana Ramaite

Research Analyst


Ever since I laid my hands on a computer, I had found my profession. I am intensely curious and driven when it comes to exploring novel developments in science and technology. As a South African expatriate working in the United States, I focus on the most profitable and innovative areas of the industry with the end goal of exporting and implementing technology to the third world.

I believe that low-cost, efficient tech solutions are the only way of leveling the playing field. This has led to me to working online, optimizing websites for maximum viewership.


Daniel Ortiz

Creative Designer


Graduated with a BFA in Advertising from School of Visual Arts, Daniel Ortiz, has over 10 years of experience in various industries in New York – including marketing, real estate, finance, and design. Daniel has extensive knowledge of all aspects of business, including design and strategy.

Daniel utilizes his broad knowledge and experience in his role as Director to, among other things, guide the team through projects and get them to reach completion.


Sean Levinson

Head of Content Development


A veteran of several tech startups, I specialize in creating content that entertains, informs and inspires. My work helps companies develop a powerful voice and put their expertise on display via various avenues of communication.

I focus on mastering the marketing capabilities of written content, such as expanding a company’s reach and enhancing its reputation as an industry leader. Pure Digital’s clients deserve the utmost recognition, and it is my pleasure to show the world how incredible these companies are.


Success is the sum of details.

We are proud to deliver a level of detail within our work that lets our clients learn from us about their business and marketing strategy.

We uncover data correlations that allow us to become efficient, understand effects, and find opportunities in digital marketing campaigns.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Drawing on our expertise and a client’s first hand experience helps us not only grow accounts, but grow business.

We regularly meet and visit our clients to create synergy between our team and theirs.

What Customers Are Saying

When talking to Pure Digital I could tell right away that they knew the digital marketing landscape well and that I wouldn’t have to micro manage them. I can truly say that I’ve found a partner in digital marketing – they’re smart, innovative, dedicated and have extremely great work ethic.


Daniel Samoohi - CMO Clearwater Financial Group

Our business goals have become Pure Digital’s business goals. It is a pleasure to work with a team who takes our success personally. Everybody is always testing, learning and improving. The team is dedicated, hungry and young. Best PPC team we have worked with in over 15 years.


Darcy Foster - CEO Natural Wellbeing / Pet Wellbeing

What I like most about Pure Digital is the collaborative and out-of-the-box thinking they bring to every campaign. I don’t think of them as my “search engine marketing” vendor. I think of them as a true marketing partner who is committed to helping me achieve my sales and profitability targets.


Jonty Yamisha - CMO Coverdell

Pure Digital has helped us succeed to getting back on track with our PPC and online marketing efforts. They have helped us cut out excess spend and increase our ROI. They have gone the extra mile to not only focus on PPC, but also to help us build a better customer experience.


Scott Andrews - CEO Ace Exhibits

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