Working in PPC means you are constantly trying to think of different ways to improve the performance of your accounts. Coming up with strategies that will take your paid search ads to the next level is a key aspect of the job. Let’s take a look at some tips for how to use audiences with the potential to increase profits.

When applying audiences, it is always important to understand who you are targeting. The most common forms of RLSA would be things like all-converters, non-converting visitors, and AdWords optimized lists. Making sure that these are applied to a campaign level is essential when trying to attract and retain customers. People who have converted in the past will most likely return if they are satisfied with the product. Targeting people who have previously visited the site is crucial for attracting new business as well. How many times have you been on the same website before actually making the purchase? Showing your ads to the right people at the right time is half the game.

You can create audiences in the shared library portion of AdWords. Resources such as landing pages or affinity lists are great tools for uncovering new buyers. Simply enter a URL that contains an active tag, specify your membership duration and see what type of audience list you can apply to your accounts. Using advanced options ultimately allows you to incorporate more details regarding the type of user you are targeting.

Additional strategies to consider include in-market audiences, which are great for finding new customers. The concept behind in-market audiences is to target people who are “in the market” to buy and will have a much higher interest in interacting with your ads. The great thing about in-market audiences is that they are not limited to people who have visited your website, so you can expose your brand to people who were previously unaware of its existence. Choose between a list of verticals to decide what best suites your brand.

Another advantageous form of audiences you can use are applying similar audiences based off of customer CRM data. The best practice is to implement this audience list when you are interested in building brand awareness on high traffic terms. Targeting people who have “similar” traits & demographics as opposed to the actual customer can expand your market reach and discover a whole new set of customers.

Try implementing some of your own audiences on your Google AdWords account and watch performance improve.