If you’re into Instagram food porn, you know how hungry you can get by just looking at someone’s mouthwatering posts. In Brazil, Heinz capitalized on this by enabling Instagram users to actually eat the delicious food posts the drool over.

It is a clever social play from Heinz, the same people behind a Sao Paulo-based campaign called “Irresistible Posts” that uses geolocation to target local users looking at Instagram Stories around lunchtime and serves up delicious burgers made by chef Santi Roig from Underdog Meat & Beers restaurant.

The catch was that if you liked the look of that post, swiping upward triggered the ability to order the contents of the post, which Heinz would then deliver in a personalized box.

“We decided to turn people’s craving into reality,” Heinz Marketing Director Isabella Rizzo, explains in a statement. “Irresistible Posts innovate in the way people consume content: by eating it with Heinz…

Very cool indeed. Great work from the crew at agency ‘Africa’ and the Facebook Creative Shop team.