Sending paid traffic to your company’s website is the best way to expand profitability in the digital marketplace. But while Google Adwords can easily help you create a digital footprint, bringing a positive return on investment takes time. Let’s take a look at common mistakes PPC advertiser’s make when first starting out and how to correct them.

Targeting keywords that are too broad can be a big deterrent. You must consider what it is you are advertising and try to be as specific as possible to your brand. Start by using long-tail keywords that you have approved as solid candidates through Google Analytics. Trying to outbid for broad keywords won’t generate the return you are looking for but can eventually expand your account once you have established a positive ROI.

Another big mistake we often come across when taking a look into accounts is the presence of way too many keywords per ad group. Being as granular as possible will make it much easier to track and optimize your campaigns. Stick to 5-10 keywords per ad group in order to eliminate unrelated search queries and improve the quality of your ad groups.

Once you have created your ads, you must specify how and where your ads are running. Google is notorious for pushing combination campaign types in formats that don’t allow the ads to run properly. You can avoid this by making sure you are using either search, display or both. As long as you abide by industry standards, your ads will run properly.

Ad Rotations should also be taken into consideration when serving your ads. Google will serve what it believes to be the best performing ad by default. Having more than one ad variation is important for testing what kind of ad copy brings in a higher return. Put your ad rotation on “rotate indefinitely” to compile the right data for boosting ROI.

Making the experience as seamless as possible is crucial when serving an ad. Inserting the proper URL may be the easiest way to either deter or welcome weary customers. Ads often end up taking you to the homepage of the website. But if the ad has specific copy such as “Nike tech fleece sweatshirt,” clicking will take you to that specific product page instead. Being as granular as possible is the key to success in this space.

One of the easiest ways to make sure your account is receiving proper traffic is including negative keywords. This is generates traffic that is specific to your ad and won’t trigger results from irrelevant search queries.

By the time all of these strategies have been implemented, you will almost certainly see a positive ROI for your account.

Matthew Moreno