This past week saw the release of an amazing new feature on Pinterest called “Lens.” After a user takes a picture of a certain object, he or she is now greeted with other pictures related to that object or pictures that contain the object itself. This new feature has the potential to inspire new ideas by widening your perception of how objects can be used. Let’s say you take a picture of your new sweater. Pinterest would then show you all of the different ways you could style that sweater. If you have just bought a new dress and would like to wear it more than once, Pinterest will show you all the different occasions or environments in which you could wear it again and again. Another likely scenario involves the decision of what to eat or cook. All you’d have to do is take a picture of whatever item you have mind in order to be bombarded with pictures of creations featuring your desired ingredient. It’s marketers, however, who should be most excited because a user could take a picture of something he or she wants to purchase and then see pictures of where to buy that product or what company makes it. Lens has presented a fabulous opportunity to capture on-the-go moments for potential customers.

Marketers can now use Pinterest to advertise products similar to whatever was just photographed and offer unique ways to use this product. Numerous standard digital marketing techniques could soon become useless, which is why it’s crucial for marketers to constantly evolve by finding new methods of staying on top of trends. Pinterest currently has more than 100 million monthly active users and this number is only expected to skyrocket now that Pinterest is becoming a market leader when it comes to browsing images and DIY ideas. Over 2 billion searches are conducted on Pinterest per month, the majority of which come from millennial females mostly (a very powerful market in terms of spending power). It would therefore be wise to start urging your clients to invest in Pinterest marketing now before the rest of your industry catches on.