Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, pitting the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons. Will Tom Brady put another ring on his finger? Or will he will fall to the undeniably impressive Matt Ryan? The Atlanta Falcons are no doubt the underdog to the powerhouse Patriots but no matter who you are rooting for, one thing is for sure – advertisers will win either way.


Millions of viewers will be tuning into the broadcast, some of which for the game while others just want to watch the iconic commercials. Super Bowl Sunday has become synonymous with brand new commercials from the largest brands in the world. Companies spend millions of dollars every year to debut their often-clever and hilarious creations to tens of millions of viewers. The 2016 Super Bowl, for example, was viewed by 115 million people!


How will this affect your PPC accounts? Microsoft recently conducted a study that yielded very valuable information in regards to search volume, most notably the direct correlation between search volume and Super Bowl commercials. Microsoft also discovered a spike in search volume right after the related commercial aired along with another spike in searches the following day. The bump in search volume was found to last anywhere from 24 hours to 72+ hours after the related commercial aired.


Surprisingly, the study determined that very few digital advertisers actually take advantage of the Super Bowl. As many as 31 percent of the search engine result pages had no mainline ad showing and 21 to 56% had no impressions from the commercial sponsor.


This is proof that you should plan your PPC budgets to ensure that your ads will be a touchdown after Super Bowl commercials air! The spike that occurs immediately after the commercial airs (and 24 to 72+ hours after) suggests that there are plenty of customers to target but only until the buzz wears off a few days later. It would be wise to get creative and add keywords that reflect different aspects of the commercial, such as actors’ names or different notable items that the customer would remember. Your bidding strategy should be modified as well. Enhancing your bids to increase or sustain your high positioning will ultimately allow you to stay competitive during this incredibly lucrative time of the year!