For many businesses, the start of the new year means re-structuring their AdWords account and implementing new marketing strategies. 2016 saw countless updates to the AdWords platform and interface that have dramatically changed the way advertisers do their jobs. But as long as you start the new year off right, you will certainly have a more successful year than the one prior.


Evaluate your Campaigns. You must reconsider not only what you want to name your campaigns, but also what keywords are going to fall into each one. For example, if you run an ecommerce website that sells girl’s dolls, action figures, and Hot Wheels merchandise, you will find that there are many different keywords that revolve around such products. If you structure this account properly, however, you’ll easily be able to learn what keywords perform best. You’ll additionally figure out that labeling a campaign “toys,” and including keywords stemming from every type of toy makes it very difficult to obtain accurate performance data. Your “toys” campaign may have 12 sales but those sales involved only one type of toy while the rest are losing money. The success of keywords pertaining to just one toy suggests a lack of effective optimization.


Here is the Solution: Create campaigns tailored specifically to your business in order to gain the most accurate performance data. Here’s how to properly structure the account in the aforementioned paragraph: Make one campaign for Girl’s dolls, another for action figures, another for Hot Wheels, and so forth. If you have enough keywords, you can break it down even further to different brand names of the girl’s dolls, the types of action figures (ex. GI-Joe, Ninja Turtles) or Hot Wheels models. This will allow you to quickly see which keywords are performing and optimize your campaigns to the fullest extent.


With your campaigns in order, the next step is new strategies. Consumers think differently during the start of a new year, particularly regarding the theme of “change.” Any marketing strategy that speaks of a positive change is bound to draw interest at this time, seemingly because it is associated with new year’s resolutions. It would be wise to capitalize on the overwhelming to desire to fulfill these resolutions by asking the customer to experience something different. Your new ad-copy should therefore utilize the increasing value of positive change.