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What Customers Are Saying

When talking to Pure Digital I could tell right away that they knew the digital marketing landscape well and that I wouldn’t have to micro manage them. I can truly say that I’ve found a partner in digital marketing – they’re smart, innovative, dedicated and have extremely great work ethic.


Daniel Samoohi - CMO Clearwater Financial Group

Our business goals have become Pure Digital’s business goals. It is a pleasure to work with a team who takes our success personally. Everybody is always testing, learning and improving. The team is dedicated, hungry and young. Best PPC team we have worked with in over 15 years.


Darcy Foster - CEO Natural Wellbeing / Pet Wellbeing

What I like most about Pure Digital is the collaborative and out-of-the-box thinking they bring to every campaign. I don’t think of them as my “search engine marketing” vendor. I think of them as a true marketing partner who is committed to helping me achieve my sales and profitability targets.


Jonty Yamisha - CMO Coverdell

Pure Digital has helped us succeed to getting back on track with our PPC and online marketing efforts. They have helped us cut out excess spend and increase our ROI. They have gone the extra mile to not only focus on PPC, but also to help us build a better customer experience.


Scott Andrews - CEO Ace Exhibits

PPC and CPA Performance Marketing

1. managed, ONLY better

Pure Digital managed services consistently delivers more account control, so we can leverage the very best opportunities as they present themselves.

2. the BIG promise

Big data is a big buzz word, but the principals that work for enterprise can be used for the ultimate problem solving. Perspective coupled with connected variables lead to positive yielding actions.

Low on cost, big on data

3. a MOVING target

Spotting the changes that can maximize clicks and acquisitions is half the battle, because forecasting actions relative to the new climate is what makes money.

4. the WINNER'S circle

Early adopters are big winners, as advertising platforms evolve we get more tools to generate growth. To turn it around into a ROAS it is all about navigating the 80/20 rule; 20 to find the opportunity, 80 to scale positive growth solution.

Accomplishments in 2016 YoY

Lead Generation

122% Average
Leads Increase
19% Average
CPL Decrease


62% Increased
12% Greater

Our Case Studies

Small Business Loans Finance Dental Insurance Insurance Pet Healthcare Retail HVAC Coverage Insurance

The Core Team


Benjamin Arabov

CEO - Digital Strategist

At the age of 21, I consulted at Google to help develop a digital marketing educational app called Primer. At the age of 22, I started Pure Digital. In 2016, we generated over $100 million in revenue for our clients, after being in business just two years.

While growing my client’s businesses, Last year I had the pleasure of consulting at one of the most respected artificial intelligence firms in the world, Narrative Science, in developing a software that extracts content-driven insights from Google Analytics.


Stefan Ivanovski

Account Manager

Put simply, Stefan is an SEM and web analytics expert. For him, PPC is above all a matter of resolving the binary opposition of algorithms and humans – a postmodern phenomenon that will most likely define the future.

When away from his desk, Stefan prefers calculating the shortest distance between any two imaginary points (it’s usually at least one full circle). Recently, he calculated that he writes about himself in third person 3.52% of the time. Most of these writings are purely digital.


Michelle Greenberg

Account Manager

I’ve worked in a variety of fields, but the tech industry has been the most rewarding for my passions and interests.

At an accelerated pace I became Google Analytics certified as well as Google Adwords certified and now have been handling PPC and digital marketing services for over 3 years. I’ve managed multiple large corporations’ marketing budgets and spent them in an extremely effective manner to increase ROI’s and volume for them. I am passionate about this industry because it brings together numbers, marketing, and psychology. I love interacting with clients and am passionate about growing their business.


James Helder

Product Feed Specialist

I have a Masters in Applied Psychology where I focused on marketing and consumer behavior. After graduating, I immediately started working at an online ad agency, specifically in the pay-per-click department. I managed a wide variety of clients, but started to favor the ecommerce clients, especially with the launch of Google Shopping.

I devote most of my efforts in the Google Shopping and the CSE space where I optimize campaigns and datafeeds to improve performance.


Michal Dzieciolowski

Account Manager

Exposed to technology at a young age, I became fascinated with computers and how they facilitate human interaction. As I grew older I dove into the world of programming and even lightly into game design. As a programmer, I love being challenged by computing problems and working them out in a logical way.

SEM gives me the chance to analyze human behavior through trends, and a technical background gives me a detail-oriented analytic problem solving ability, which is a key component for success in digital marketing.

What You Get

A Dedicated Account Manager



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